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wine & champagne & cocktail & beer glass

Western-style cups are high-end tableware used for drinking various types of wine, tea, coffee and other beverages. According to different types of drinks, Western cups can be divided into several common types:


1. Red wine glass: A red wine glass is a special kind of cup. It has a wider diameter and a larger body than other cups, allowing wine vapor to be generated in the cup, increasing the aroma and taste of the wine. At the same time, the red wine glass also has a longer stem, which can prevent the influence of hand temperature on the wine body.


2. White wine glass: Compared with red wine glass, white wine glass has smaller diameter and smaller body. This is because the aroma of liquor is relatively strong, and a small-diameter wine glass is needed to allow the aroma of the wine to gradually dissipate in the mouth.


3. Beer glasses: There are two types of beer glasses, goblets and straight glasses. Goblet cups can relax the smell of beer and easily produce beer foam; straight cups are mainly used to prevent beer from splashing.


4. Champagne glass: A champagne glass is a rather special type of glass. It is different from ordinary wine glasses in that its shape is relatively slender and its mouth is relatively small. The purpose of this is to prevent the bubbles in the champagne from disappearing too quickly in the glass.


Choosing the right Western food cup allows you to enjoy a purer taste and better taste.