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Tea & Coffee Cup

Nowadays, people's pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, and glass cups are also known by people as a part of daily life. However, high borosilicate double-layer glasses are still a bit unfamiliar to many consumers. To put it bluntly, the double-layer glasses with lids available in the market are made of high borosilicate. That is, high borosilicate glass.

Why are glass cups made of this material so popular now? We have to talk about it from the following aspects.

One: it is healthy. High borosilicate glass uses quartz sand as raw material and is fired at high temperature to become a glass tube. It is non-toxic and has no excessive metal elements. It is healthier than ordinary glass and metal cups.

Second: high temperature resistance. The temperature difference coefficient of these materials can vary by more than 180 degrees, and it will not explode even if boiling water is poured into it at low temperatures.

Third, it is of good quality. The materials and workmanship of this cup are relatively expensive, so the product quality is very good.