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Western wine glasses are a very special kind of wine glasses

The wine glass in Western food is a very special kind of wine glass. It is not only decorative and practical, but also fits the European wine culture. Generally divided into four types: red wine glasses, white wine glasses, champagne glasses and taste glasses.

The red wine glass is the most common wine glass. Its shape is slightly narrower when cylindrical, and the bottom of the wine glass is slightly tilted outward. This wine glass can bring out the fruity and mature flavors of red wine, making it taste better.

The white wine glass is a conical cup with a mouth slightly smaller than the bottom. Tasting liquor in this kind of cup can highlight its fresh and refreshing style, perfectly displaying the aroma and sweetness of the liquor.

The champagne glass is shaped like a balloon and begins to taper at the bottom. The design concept of this wine glass is to allow the wine bubbles to fully bloom, showing sparkling foam and taste. The rim of a champagne glass is often inverted cone shape, which guides the bubbles of champagne to float past the eyes, making people's eyes happy.

The taste cup is a relatively new type of wine glass. It is usually a funnel-shaped cup that allows the wine to fall from top to bottom to the tip of the tongue, achieving the ideal taste effect. Taste cups have a high status in the West and are suitable for tasting various high-end wines, such as dry white wine, Bordeaux red wine, etc.

Different Western wine glasses have different shapes and design concepts. Choosing the right wine glass can promote the essence of Western drinking and better appreciate the delicious taste and style of the wine.