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Glassblowing: The Art of Fire

In Changsha Aikeyi glassware processing factory, the production scene is in full swing. After picking, rolling, blowing, setting and other processes, the glass stock solution blooms in various poses and with different expressions in the flame.

According to the staff, the glass has undergone intense temperature and shape changes during blowing, and this change has left thermal stress in the glass. Thermal stress reduces the strength and thermal stability of glass products. If it is directly cooled, it is likely to break during storage, transportation and use. To avoid this problem, glass products must be annealed after forming. Keep warm in an appropriate temperature range or cool down slowly for a period of time to reduce thermal stress in the glass.

When the cup cools down, cut the excess part according to the order size for the waste at the mouth of the cup. Usually workers will first cut the scratches with a glass knife, and then bake them with fire to make them fall off naturally to ensure that the mouth of the cup is smooth and round.