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Do you know all these common sense?

Do you know all these common sense?

1. The importance of wine glasses

Choosing the right glass is crucial to tasting wine. Different wine types have different taste and smell characteristics, and the right glass can make these characteristics better displayed and played. Plus, the right glass allows the wine to better come into contact with the air, releasing richer aromas.

2. How to choose the right wine glass?

Consider the type of wine: Different types of wine require different glasses. For example, white wine needs smaller glasses to keep the wine mild and retain its aroma; while red wine needs larger glasses to fully reveal its rich taste and aroma.

Consider glass shape: Different shapes of glasses can reveal different characteristics of the wine. For example, a goblet can concentrate the smell of wine to the mouth of the glass, allowing you to better feel the aroma of the wine and show its taste and layers.