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Decorating & labeling

We can implement various methods of decorating glassware and marking glass, from decals and metal patches to hand-painted designs, including customized logos to the customer's specific needs, through self-adhesive stickers, machine-made, micro-engraving, decals and hand-painting.

 1 Decorations on glass

 Decals: Decals are a versatile way to decorate glass surfaces. These thin sticky designs can be printed with intricate patterns, logos or images and then transferred to glass. Decals are known for their durability and ease of use, making them a popular choice among glass artists and businesses.

 Metal patches: Metal patches come in a variety of shapes and finishes and add a touch of elegance to the glass. They can be engraved with detailed designs, such as a company logo or personalized initials, and adhered to the glass surface, a method that combines sophistication with durability.

Hand-painted: Hand-painted glass ornaments are a testament to artistic craftsmanship, and Aikeyi workers can create unique and eye-catching designs that add a personalized touch to ordinary glass items.

 2. Customize labels for customers

 Self-adhesive stickers, micro-engraving, hand-painting, and decals provide efficient and cost-effective ways to mark and decorate glass items.