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Classification of wine glasses

According to the process, it is divided into: machine, semi-machine and semi-manual, and fully manual.

Divided by material: lead-free crystal glass, ordinary glass, high borosilicate.

According to function, it is divided into: champagne glass, red wine glass, white wine glass, liqueur glass, brandy glass and decanter and other wine glasses; from the functional point of view, different cup shapes are derived to add visual enjoyment to wine tasting.

Divided by shape: flute-shaped goblet, tulip cup.

The shape of the wine glass determines the first point of contact when the wine enters the mouth, and the shape of the wine glass determines the flow direction of the wine and the intensity of the aroma of the wine. Through guidance, the wine can flow accurately into the appropriate taste area of the tongue, so as to obtain the highest taste enjoyment. We know that the human tongue has 4 taste zones: the tip of the tongue is most sensitive to sweet tastes, the middle of the tongue is sensitive to salty tastes, the back of the tongue is sensitive to bitter tastes, and the sides of the tongue are sensitive to acidity. Therefore, the design of the wine glass is based on science, while combining the physiological basis of human taste and smell, as well as the relationship between grape varieties, fruit, acidity and alcohol.